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(Archived) how crop image after "Snap Safari"?

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Greetings -- I am figuring out a workflow to tweet web clips from Skitch for Mac, and the "Snap Safari" option seems to be the best way to automatically capture the source URL. Problem is that the resultant Skitch image is the entire page, and I only want to include a portion, but I can't figure out how to crop! Recommendations welcome; many thanks.


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Do you mean "snap from link..."?

If so, what you do is click the bottom lefthand button (by default it shows "1:1" but if you click it, it will show a "%").

Then instead of having scroll options because the clip doesn't all fit, it will shrink it to all fit in the window and then you can crop the way you normally do by going to the edge of the picture and click&drag the mouse.

Does that help? I'm confused by the "snap safari" that you're talking about, but I think this is your solution.

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Gotcha. In that case, you could use the Evernote web-clipper. If you highlight just the picture you want and then clip the webpage you should be able to have it only clip the highlighted section (the picture, etc) and it will keep the source url.

Did any of these things work out for you?

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