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(Archived) Preview is Unaware of Image Orientation


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I recently captured a number of images through the EN/Android app directly (using the Snapshot button within the app).

Every time (literally, 100% of the time), the resulting Evernote preview has the orientation backwards (portrait images are shown as landscape, and vice versa).

When I get home, I see that the Windows app shows the same - Always the incorrect orientation.

Now here the strange part...

If I click on the image in the Android app, it opens in the Android (native) image viewer correctly.

Same on Windows... The image will always open correctly in any image viewer I choose.

Stranger, still...

I opened one in Windows, into Photoshop (where it naturally opened correctly), I did nothing but hit "Save" in Photoshop (didn't change a thing about the image), and lo-and-behold.... The Evernote preview was updated correctly.

So, I learned that 1) The phone in the camera is correctly storing the orientation (since everything else will display the resulting image with the proper orientation), but 2) the EN preview generated from the Android side is screwed-up, and those errors are propagated across synced platforms, and 3) when EN/Windows is forced to re-generate a new preview, it does so correctly.

Since this demonstrates that there's nothing wrong with the images, and that the problem is clearly in previews generated from the EN/Android app, does anyone have any suggestions to make this right?

The phone is just a really common Samsung Galaxy S running the stock Samsung Gingerbread.

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See thread about Evernote not loading images, part of same problem, I'm sure

How can you be so sure about this? I doubt it, myself (as the image is actually being loaded in this case, just not in the desired orientation). There are posts elsewhere in the forums on image orientation, including feedback from Evernote staff. A search should find them.

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