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(Archived) How Evernote saved my car being towed away!


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Thank goodness for Evernote.

Whilst on a recent property hunting trip to the Costa Blanca, Spain, I returned from a stroll around Torrevieja just in time to see the tow truck removng my hire car.

after running up the street and flagging the driver down, i was told that i needed to produce my passport to release the vehicle and provide proof of driver for the parking fine. As my passport was some 20km away at the apartment, the driver said he would have to take the car to the pound, minimum release fee one hundred euros plus the fine.

I suddenly remembered my Everote on my Galaxy Note, and after pulling up the scan of my passport, the driver released the vehicle for 52.50 euros and gave me the parking ticket for 30 euros. he said I was very lucky as it would have been expensive top get a cab to the apartment, then back to the pound and the fees would have been much higher. I am already a premium member but I figurte that Evernote has just paid for itself for the next 3 years at least. Evernote rules.

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Welcome to the forums. I have fond memories of Torrevieja when I used to go to Spain during the UK holidays when I was a wee nipper. I remember touring the Museum of Salt of all things, is the museum still open. Your experiences in using Evernote is cool, I have copies of all my families passports within Evernote and my drivers license. Have never had to pull them out before but who knows when I may need them and other docs I store when I am away from my house etc. Thanks for posting this,

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