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(Archived) HOWTO: Resize photos sent by email


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I'm trying to create a note by sending an email.

Everything seems to work correctly with one exception. When the mail contains a photo, it always appears in its original size.

I use evernote especially on my android phone and images uploaded by other means are always resized to the screen (same thing when viewing them from my pc).

how can I make the images sent by mail "resizable"?

thanks for the answers and forgive my bad english ..

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I don't need a program to resize the photo because when you see the picture in your phone, usually you can see the note with the preview of the picture with the width scaled to fit your screen.

Then, clicking on the Thumbnail, you can open the image in original size, save it on your sd, share etc. ..

but if I send an image attachment to an email, it is loaded and displayed in the note directly in its original size.

My idea was to create a note by mail, Evernote take the html format of the mail. So I tried to send mail "text only", without any html code, and only one image attachment. But the result has not changed.

it's hard for me to explain..

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Ste, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue, if I understand it right. I just forwarded an email with an attached image to Evernote. It correctly displays on Evernote Web, scaled to the width of the display panel. You can see that here (bottom right).

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Please note the first screenshot (a1.jpg): that's how I see a picture on my phone when I make the note from my pc. Its width is perfectly scaled.

The screenshot a3.jpg is what I see when I create the note sending the image attached to an email. The picture is in original size

I really don't understand why. I tried to send the photo in a html email, txt format, copied in the email body or as attachment. The result is always the same. Does anyone know why?

maybe I should open the thred in the mobile forum .. but I think the problem is sending the note by mail.

thanks for your help!



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