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(Archived) Any chance off offline version for free users?


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I guess this was asked before.

My problem is simple cost of monthly subscription is 3,33€ and only thing I need is to be able to view all of my notes offline(or is it possible? ) Problem is why would I do that if Internet connection would cost 5€ a month.

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And...a thread from less than a week ago is here:


We try to offer a very rich set of functionality for Free users, which you can use for years without paying us a nickel. But we are a business with employees who like to eat food and pay rent, so we must choose some set of features and capabilities that are reserved for paying customers to encourage some people (approximately 5% of all active users) to cover the cost of writing the software and running the servers.

Adding full offline synchronization to low-powered mobile phones takes many months of engineering to build and tune, so we've put that into the "pay" bucket instead of other options (e.g. charge everyone for the Android client).

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