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(Archived) HOWTO: Search to-dos in specific notebooks? [ANSWERED]

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I use Evernote Web in case that makes any difference & maybe I'm not making best use of some feature. I'm a bookkeeper & consultant and have a note book for each client under "clients" & I use common subject titles as well eg Month End (month), EOFY etc. Previously had physical notebook for each - evernote is way, way better. But when I search "Clients" todo:false - I'd like to see the name of the client (name of the notebook) in the list. Listed by title I can see which clients have action items outstanding or for a given subject eg Month End. Can I do this somehow? Hope that makes sense

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I'd stay away from the Evernote web and do it on my Evernote Windows client.

You have a Stack named Clients

And your Notebooks are named with each Client's name

Search for:

stack:Clients todo:false

The notebook name (Client's names) can be seen in the notebook column in the Note List view.

The view can be sorted by the Notebook name, if needed.

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I was using the web version as its handy to access on my iphone as well (actually, it's brilliant being able to do this), pc & laptop. Will experiment with installed version - likely this particular feature I would be looking to access when working from pc or laptop anyway.

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