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Yesterday I grumpily and sarcastically posted about the need for the latest versions of EN to need to phone home before giving users access to their data. That post magically seems to have disappeared.

At least the beta only makes you sign in once the first time you open it, but that caught me when I had no internet access and I couldn't get to my data. I had downloaded the beta when I had connectivity and then installed it later when I didn't.

As Deverill posted (before the thread was deleted)


I think this may have been in response to people saying it was bad that anyone could walk up to their computer and read their notes. Hopefully they will find a "happy medium" that solves both requests. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be to not be able to get to my Evernote contents.


Well it might have been a weak attempt at security, but if that was the motivation, there are better ways to implement security. I had the login information and still couldn't get to my data because EN wanted to phone home. My data was right here and I had the login info. If they want to make this about security then make EN so it can validate your username and password without connectivity and as an option require the username and password to start the program each time for the more security conscious. Though physical security is done better at the OS level with FileVault and requiring a password to unlock the machine.

The data is on the hard drive, unencrypted. Happily when EN won't give you access to your own data you can always find it where it's stored.

I suspect the need to login was an oversight.

suggestion: Have connectivity/lack of connectivity be about syncing, not about having access to your own data.

Let's see if this post gets deleted.

FYI, I've never seen a good company that takes customer service seriously that deletes users's unfavorable posts. These things make me feel less likely to be upgrading to pro anytime soon.


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