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(Archived) QUESTION: Does Evernote OCR support recognition of Chinese characters? [YES]

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Two friends of mine told me they can search the Chinese characters on images in Evernote. But for me, it seems EN has only OCR'd those pics that English in them. I'm a free user, and they are both free users too.

I tried uploading photos and screenshot that have Chinese and English text from Android app (it's the latest version), Evernote for Mac (3.1.1, also the latest version).

It turned out English text was OCR'd fine, and search result was good. But none of the Chinese text was OCR'd.

So, does Evernote OCR supports Chinese characters? And if it does, is it only available in the Windows app?

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Yes, it does. I've figured it out.

It turns out Evernote supports recognition of many languages, alphabets and writing systems. It basically supports quite a few languages that use the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, as well as Traditional, Simplified Chinese & Japanese.

I can't have my images with Chinese characters OCR'd because I (mistakenly) set the "Recognition Language" to "English only". This option is found on the "Personal Settings" page.

So if you are wondering why the photo of a poster written in Russian that you uploaded on mobile phone can't be OCR'd correctly (or at all), this might be the reason.


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