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(Archived) HELP: Livescribe audio files not appearing in Evernote



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They're not viewable in Evernote, or they're not playable in Evernote? The latter might just be a result of Evernote not supporting whatever file type the audio is in. If that's the case, though, I imagine you should be able to open them from Evernote and play them in any audio-playing program.

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Just started using a Livescripe pen again. Audio files seem to transfer but not viewable/playble from Evernote.

Am I missing something?

Needto open in Adobe to pay associated Audio.


What format of file are you sending to Evernote. Pencast? M4A?

In either case, the integration is the "connect" feature that gets the files into your Evernote account. Your file is saved in EN, but you will open it with an external program like you would with a Word or Excel file. I don't believe this has ever worked any differently than this.

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