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HOWTO: Add multiple images to Evernote




I have a folder which contains hundred of images. I would like to quickly add all of them to Evernote: one image - one note. How can I do it ?

P.S. Tried to copy all of them to clipboard and then invoked "Paste to Evernote" command from status bar. DISASTER !!! Evernote started open up every note it just created in it's own window. As a have hundreds of images my machine hanged.



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You can also drag and drop: Select all notes, drag them onto the Evernote icon in the dock, and each will be in its own note.

The experience you had with the hundreds of windows is because of this. If you have "Bring the clip to the front" unchecked, new notes created the way you did it or the way I mentioned will not open in new windows.

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I know it's quite late to answer this but I became just recently familiar with your question...


Find the images -> Long press on them to select multiple images -> right click to open the context menu -> finally choose "Sent to -> Evernote" 


Evernote will now include each picture in a new note ...


have fun


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