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(Archived) BUG: Tag names changed to "New Tag"

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I use EN for Windows on 2 PCs, 1 iPhone, 1 iPad, and occasionally on the web. I have a Premium account and keep my software across platforms updated. Often, I find some of my tag names have been changed to "New Tag" and I don't know how or when. Any and all sub-tags are still there, properly named. I can deal with this if it's a bug that will be fixed one day, but I'd like to know if this might be something I'm inadvertently triggering somehow. This problem has been happening for at least 2 or 3 months. I "solve" it by just changing them back, but would rather not have to. Any thoughts?

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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Forums!

I'm not aware of this issue in any form, but as a guess if you're actively editing across four or five different platforms, tag changes on one or more machines might not be synced before you make further changes on another. There's no "conflicting changes" notebook for tags, so any platform that hasn't quite caught up might show a 'new tag' where it doesn't have any other data to show.

It would be interesting to know whether the 'new tag' label also shows up on the web version when it pops up on one or another client. A little careful testing might show you which client is being slow updating tags.

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The "New Tag" doesn't go away with an all-platform sync. I just saw another instance, and checked web, Windows, and iPhone -- the generic "New Tag" has replaced two of my previous tags.

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I saw this once. I think it happened when I was creating a tag and did not actually name it. Or maybe when I was doing some tag nesting re-organization.

Anyway. Seen once.

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I see the issue with annoying frequency. Primarily operating 2 WinEN instances on 2 identical WinVista64 machines. Also sync to Mac, iPhone, iPad. Issue pre-dates iPad. Issue not resolved by current versions as of 2012.05.30.

Typical observation: parent tag in a tag-heirarchy has degraded its name to "New tag". Nothing to do with "failing to name tag in the first place" - these are old tags. Responsive to renaming. Will monitor and update with further observations.


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OK, I have another instance, very typical.

The instance is noticed on primary PC - where bulk of work is done. No particular proof that error originates here, but it seems likely.

The only other positively active device during the incident was an iPad - no tag operations were performed.

An "empty" daughter tag (with populated granddaughter tags) has degraded from decimalized name to "New Tag".

By decimalized name I mean that most daughter tags are of the format "a.Bbbbbb", possibly a clue here as daughter tags are conspicuously susceptible to issue.

By "empty" daughter tag I mean that the decimalized tag has no function beyond a sort of "list header" to group the respective granddaughter tags (possibly another clue).

I have "very many" tags, certainly hundreds.

Logs contain no obvious reference to a tag error; they do record several instances of "server tag deletions" referring obliquely to tags deleted by some sort of long hex string, not recognizable tag names.

TagName loss has propagated through sync to Mac & second PC.

Afflicted tag retains correct position in heirarchy (including alpha order as if rename had not occurred).

Its granddaughter tags are unchanged.

Correct name is not recovered via sync. Nor via full/forced EN shutdown.

No devices suffered crashes, power failures, etc. during the period during which issue arose.

Can't think of anything else to observe/report. Repaired tag name, no problem.


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