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How Do I Do (this) With EN?


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OK...yes, newb here...dunno where to post this...can't seem to find a "How To" section of the forum (redirection/education would be appreciated).

EN is for collecting, sorting, even making new notes.

But I can't see how to import into EN a former paper handout such that students can fill it in using EN, then send it to a marking NB? I want to "go paperless" and am trying to figure out how to do it.

It appears EN saves as PDF, which is uneditable, right?

Probably as soon as you tell me I'll go "doh", but it has me stumped.

Any help much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

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There's no specific "How To" section of our forums - you simply do what you've done; namely, go to the section that's what you're interested in, and ask your question :)

I'd actually suggest that you create a PDF form if you want kids to fill out a Handout on their computers, and then have them email it to you. Then you can store that within Evernote (if you're using Evernote for storage of class data.) You can use a program such as this to create PDF forms: http://pdfformsdesigne.sourceforge.net/index.html

There are other tools out there that may be more user-friendly, but this one's free :)

Evernote doesn't *save* as PDF, but it can *search* PDFs.

Plus, you can annotate PDFs that are already in Evernote - Info here:


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