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(Archived) BUG: Can't copy tags with note



Mac OS X 10.7.4

Evernote v3.1.0 (246062)

I think the newest version of Evernote somehow broke tag copying.

Previously, when I copied an existing note, it would also copy the tags along with it, as long as I had the option checked in the contextual menu. This made it very easy for me to organize my notes.

Now, however, Evernote doesn't seem to preserve tags when I copy the note, even if the option to "Copy Tags" in the contextual menu is checked. I can still copy the tags manually, but that makes it much harder in terms of organization because it adds half a dozen extra steps where there used to be just one:

1) Copy note

2) Select notebook

3) Find original note

4) Copy tags

5) Select copied note

6) Paste tags

Is this a known bug?

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