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(Archived) BUG?: Space Lost in Copy/Paste

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When copying and pasting, if an English word is separated from a Japanese one by a space, the space will sometimes disappear, crushing the words together. Is this an Evernote bug? I am not sure.

So far, the only time this happens is when copying and pasting from Scrivener (Mac). Copy/Paste from Scrivener to text editor works fine. The space is there. Copy/Paste from a text editor to Evernote and the space is still there. However, Copy/Paste directly from Scrivener and it fails.

I understand that this particular problem is specific to me, and probably not widespread (how many users have this kind of situation?), but it underscores the importance of making a true plain text option available in order to avoid this kind of formatting stuff. In a few sentences, it isn't a big deal. In several hundred pages of text, any kind of formatting inconsistency is devastating.

There are other formatting issues in Evernote (I have reported them). These seem relatively minor, but on big projects, they are not, so I end up having to work outside of the app. I really want to work in it, but I think I need a plain text option.

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I'm having the same problem:

Specifically, spaces are disappearing when I paste code from Xcode into the Evernote app for Mac.

Update: thanks for the tip GrumpyMonkey. Pasting my code into BBEdit (text editor), then from BBEdit into Evernote ensures spaces are maintained.

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I'm also suffering from the Xcode paste bug.

Original source:

- (void)onEnter
[super onEnter];
self.swallowTouches = TRUE;
[self registerTouchBeganObserver: self selector: @selector(touchBegan:)];
[self registerTouchMovedObserver: self selector: @selector(touchMoved:)];
[self registerTouchEndedObserver: self selector: @selector(touchEnded:)];

Pasted source:

- (void)onEnter
self.swallowTouches = TRUE;
[selfregisterTouchBeganObserver: selfselector: @selector(touchBegan:)];
[selfregisterTouchMovedObserver: selfselector: @selector(touchMoved:)];
[selfregisterTouchEndedObserver: selfselector: @selector(touchEnded:)];

I try to capture these snippets of code when I finally resolve a bug and want to remember what worked because - at least for me - I always seem to wind up solving the same bug again in another project and it's good to have these notes. Even better is to have these notes where I can copy the snippet that worked and put it back into Xcode without a lot of massaging.

For what it's worth, the spaces disappear where the code syntax highlighting colors change. In my rig, self shows up in magenta, the other symbols in black. The screen shot shows what it looks like in Xcode.


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