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QUESTION [Chrome]: Why is clipper button now grey?


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Thank goodness I managed to find the answer here. I've been used to a green web clipper icon for some time. When I noticed it had gone grey that immediately got me worried that the plugin had somehow failed. I must admit that I liked the green icon better. In the world of Windows, when something like this happens it usually means the program behind the icon has busted. Go away grey, bring back green :)

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I also just noticed this and thought the plugin had failed.

Please bring back the green.

A) It's part of your brand identity - didn't Marketing tell you about that?

B) Your icon is now hard to find/see. Many browsers are moving to grey backgrounds by default - In my Chrome setup your button icon all but disappears from lack of contrast.

One of the things that continue to befuddle and annoy users is when companies make seemingly arbitrary and nonsensical decisions. Perhaps a simple explanation about the justification would help people appreciate what sense it might make. (Riiiight. A company that bothers to talk to it's users about their decision process...)

-- Bear

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personally, it doesn't bother me a bit, and i am quite fond of gray. evernote's whole ui in the macverse has gone gray, and this complements their app.

but, bear makes a good point. i apologize. LORD bear makes a good point. the lack of contrast could be a problem, especially for users who have sight problems and already have trouble finding things. the green elephant is certainly distinctive and part of the brand identity, so evernote might be losing out on the benefits of all of the consistent branding they have done so far.

as for discussing design decisions with their users, i'm ok with evernote trying it out on us in beta mode or something like that. 23 million users seems like a few too many cooks in the kitchen :)

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The firefox one changed a while ago...initially I was a little confused because I looked for the green of the button (when I was clipping), and didn't see it, so had to properly look for it. I guess I have gotten used to it now...but would like the green back ;)

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I have to agree, as a Windows user the grey button color is not that great. I'm very used to seeing the green button.

PLUS, if you use a dark theme for your Chrome browser, it makes the button just about invisible. This can be rather frustrating:


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I actually like it. The dotted line around the edge is more descriptive of the function as a clipper than the regular old icon was.

Um, what does a dotted line have to do with the color of the icon?

In other words, they could make the elephant head part green again, keep the background grey or transparent, and retain the dotted border.

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Um, it doesn't. I just said that I like the design, and gave a specific about it that I like. I'm really not concerned about the color.

Although, I will say that the dotted cut out line probably stands out with better contrast against the transparent background than against a colored background or on the edge of a color.

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Look here for your favorite icon:



Then follow these instructions:



(The icons you'll have to look for are called web-clipper-16x16.png, web-clipper-16x16@2x.png, web-clipper-19x19.png and web-clipper-48x48.png. In my case it worked just by replacing the 19x19 png.)


Have fun! :)

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I have to look really hard to find the web clipper on my Chrome toolbar. It is invisible almost.

I do have a dark Chrome theme so I guess I will need to change it if I want to see the clipper.

Thanks everyone for your experience also I thought my eyes were going bad. Ha Bless You

Make the clipper color easier to see please!!!!!

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