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(Archived) Notes not syncing offline


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Hello, I just got a Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet (7"), I am trying to get all my notes (approx. 17,000) to fully sync and fully download so I can do offline viewing. I have a premium account but it is not working. I can pretty much see all the headers, but nothing is fully downloading even though I have the offline option checked in settings. I just downloaded the newest app from the market.

I am going away for a couple of weeks and will not have any sort of internet/wifi connections so I wanted to get everything downloaded to my tablet so I can view. How come it is not working, I keep trying to sync but it says its finished. Please help me out, I have to go in 2 days and want to get all my notes downloaded. Thanks!

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Bump, is this happening to anyone else. I sent my logs to support but I need to try and fix this by tommorow. Is there a way to download older evernote for tablet apps so I can get this working to fully download all my notes offline? Thanks

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The settings appears to have changed from being able to select sync offline and then select (via a checkbox) the notebooks you wish to sync offline. The option to sync offline is there but the method of selecting individual notebooks to sync offline has been moved to the actual notebook itself.

Tap and hold to the right of each notebook name that you wish to sync offline and a menu pops up (eventually) which gives the option to enable offline sync for that individual notebook.

This is far less convenient that whizzing along a list of notebooks and selecting a checkbox and I am still only partway through individually re-enabling my notebooks for offline sync one by one out of 192 notebooks.

I am not very happy about wasting my time like this and wish Evernote would give a select all option so then I could disable the few notebooks I dont wish to carry around with me.

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Thanks MrWagstaff, this worked for me. Been working with evernote on the BUG with the software that keeps offline from working. They even gave me a pre-release that did not fix the issue. It's a pain, but at least your suggestion worked and is a work around.


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Individually setting notebooks to offline sync from the tablet is fine (just done it for all of mine - not a problem as only about a dozen notebooks), but is there a way of making sure that any new notebooks I create are automatically made available offline, as the default setting? Otherwise it's too easy to imagine creating a new notebook on the PC at home and forgetting to take that crucial step on the tablet, only to be out and about and find it's not there.

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Not at this time. As offline notebooks is a Premium feature this option is not available to everyone so making it a default option would be very difficult for a feature not available for everyone. But thanks for your suggestion

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I'm having the same problem on my NOOK Color. I can sync just fine on my android phone, but nook Color just starts but after ~5 seconds goes straight to "Last Sync Failed". I'm leaving for a trip and really want to have my notes offline on my NOOK.

Any suggestions to get this fixed?

Thanks in advance


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