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(Archived) REQUEST: More Options and Better Documentation

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There have been a number of requests for Evernote to provide more user options/preferences, and to provide more up-to-date documentation.

Recently in the Evernote Windows forum (see below) a solution was provided by an Evernote employee (Peter) for setting the image file format to JPG. To select this option requires the user to edit the Windows Registry.

First, I would like to thank Peter for providing a solution for those willing to edit the Registry.

Unfortunately, many users may not be comfortable with making changes to the registry.

So, Peter's post prompted me to ask for the following:

  1. Provide more end-user options (like image format) under Options/Preferences
    • Using the Windows Registry is great to make the option available ASAP
    • But it quickly needs to be exposed to the UI for both EN Win and EN Mac
      (remember the Mac does not have a Registry)

  • Update the Evernote KB immediately when previously unknown instructions are provided by Evernote employees (or maybe by anyone)
    • When an EN employee provides instructions to the Forum, perhaps they could also notify the editor of the EN KB to add the same info.

    Request for Option

    I use evernote a lot for work and one of the major things I use is screenshots. I was wondering if I could change the format screenshots are taken. Currently it defaults to .png. However, these are often too large in size and I have to open in paint to save in .jpg.

    Solution Provided

    HKCU/Software/Evernote/Evernote/TrayApplet/ScreenClipperFileName specifies clipper file name which is set by default to "ScreenClip.png". If you change it to "ScreenClip.jpg" Evernote will save screen shots as JPEG's. You can also specify path and Evernote will save screen shots into the specified path. If you add this path to Tools/Folder Import, your JPEG screen shots will be automatically imported as notes. A little convoluted, but works.


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