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REQUEST: Sort order per notebook

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I think it would be excellent if sort order could be set individually per notebook. For example, "Recipies" could then be set alphabetically whereas meeting notes could be chronological.

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I think it would be excellent if sort order could be set individually per notebook. For example, "Recipies" could then be set alphabetically whereas meeting notes could be chronological.

yep. this has come up as a request in the past as well. if i had a notebook for my journal entries, i might want them arranged by title (i use yymmdd dates in the title, so everything gets arranged chronologically). in a notebook for a project, i might want by last updated. and in a notebook containing my emails, i might want it arranged by date created.

currently, we have to select the sort (a real pain). in addition, the mac and ios versions lack a huge number of sort options found on the windows platform. so, i would say the first step is to bring all of the platforms up to the level of the windows one in terms of sort options.

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YES!!!! Please!!!!!

This is the one thing making Evernote clunky and hard to use. I have notebooks that need to always be sorted alphabetically and others that need to always be sorted chronologically. It is a real pain that every time I switch notebooks, I have to switch the sort order.

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I'd also like to see this ability, but if you use the top or side list view, you can change the sort with one click. If the list views will work for you, then I recommend giving them a try, because they solve a lot of the problems.


On Windows, the command for getting the side list view is hidden. Try Ctrl+Shift+F5.

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I would like to see the sort order retained when I create a public link to the notebook. This would make Evernote an amazing publishing tool if I could create notebooks with notes like Chaper 1, Chapter 2, etc and share them with the order being retained,. Right now the sharing is by date created which makes a shared notebook useless for any kind of reading that would need to be in order like How To manuals.

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I have a rant on this that I prepared earlier -and probably have used before so I apologise if you recognise it.  Also for teaching any elderly female relatives to inhale elliptical comestibles.  It's not aimed at anyone in particular...(and I'll save the link for next time...)

Why don't Evernote add my new feature - don't they understand how simple/ basic this is?

I'm sure that Evernote understand fully and are smart enough to do anything they set their mind to.  In their own time.

Put yourself in the position of a company that makes software running on many different devices and several operating systems that is used by 150 million people on a (more or less) daily basis.

You have an aggressive development plan to upgrade existing features and add new ones - once you're popular there's a sizeable target on your back,  and other equally capable companies will be doing their own development to see if they can steal a slice of your cake.  You want to be a moving target,  to stay popular with your existing users and to make it difficult for competitors to step in and hijack them.

Because of the constant feedback from your increasing user base,  there's no shortage of suggestions for new and improved features,  and you have an R&D process that has a long list of developments you prioritise for future updates.

Your supported OS providers don't make life any easier by having a precisely similar ecosystem,  and changing the rules on you with their own updates and patches on an irregular basis.

Because of the constant upgrades and updates you generate your own bugs and necessary fixes,  so there's a constant fight to find and fix bugs in your own current releases - sometimes compounded by bugs in the underlying OS.

Like any well-regulated company you'll have a 5-year development plan,  and probably know pretty much to the minute what you'll be doing for the next 24 months at least.

All new developments is going to have to go through a pretty careful verification process because 150 million angry customers (or whatever proportion use the OS version you just borked) is bad for business,  as well as being a sight you never want to see!

So then someone comes along and says "I want to compare two notes and have the differences highlighted".

Do you drop everything and deliver it next week (on several different operating systems and dozens of different devices),  or do you work it into your existing schedule with the priority your existing commitments suggest it should have?

That comparison thing is a feature that I would use immediately it's available,  but clearly Evernote haven't got to that point in their roadmap they feel it should be developed/ can be released.

Bear in mind also that some changes can be made easily - just tweaking existing code.  But some things require a root-and-branch redesign of core systems,  and major works will take a lot longer because of those darned OS's.  Evernote rolled out forinstance a new editor package for Windows and Mac a little while ago.  They'll probably build on that to add in extra things like styles and - maybe - duplicate checking.

But so far it's their game - their rules - and their timescale.  And very wisely Evernote tend not to make promises in advance they might not be able to keep;  they don't (usually) comment on works in progress or release dates before they happen.

Let me stress this is all speculation and I have zero inside knowledge of their product schedule or planning!!  But it seems a reasonable guess to me...

If you're still with me...  congratulations!  And...

Each OS has a Feedback forum where you can post ideas and gain votes from other users if they support you.  Post this request in the appropriate forum(s) there,  and I'll certainly support it (for Windows and Android).  If we get enough votes,  maybe Evernote will do something about it!

(Edit: and before anyone points out I'm not talking about reordering notes,  my choice of feature was kind've an example,  not a specific suggestion...)

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