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hi. welcome to the forums. this is the japanese language forum, though.

i will see if i can figure out where this should go. evernote actually already responded to concerns like this last week in another thread, but it was in english.

i think it might be good to have their chinese staff write about it here in chinese to explain best. i'll write back here when i know more.

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I am a Chinese user know why I use evernote? Because it can be placed abroad, evernote and China's biggest rogue software company Tencent has put the Chinese users of information on China's domestic, it is very safe, why do it? If evernote Chinese users' data on China, we still need to use your products? Not as good as the Chinese domestic product, your product is security, data will not be a stranger with the casual look! You do not understand the political situation in China ~

Thank you for your viewpoint! Please see the existing thread here:
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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