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edited image distorted


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Hi--I've encountered a bug a few times that I hope someone can help with. I have been scanning in magazine pages and sometimes I only want an article on part of the page. I right-click to open the image in windows photo gallery to crop it (and rotate, etc. if needed). It was discussed a bit here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/14258-resize-images-4103321/page__p__68773__hl__picture#entry68773 Usually I then close it and the new, cropped image goes into my note.

However, I just did that and it crashed twice. The third time, it worked, but the image is distorted. (picture attached). Any ideas?


PS--I just saved the image in my note as a jpeg and it WASN'T distorted. I thought maybe I needed to close EN and re-open it. It still looks distorted in the note. Now what is attached is a screen clip of what I'm seeing

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Forgot to mention, I'm usingi the PC desktop version, not the web version.  I've seen several posts about it on the web version, but not the PC version.  It was fine until I used the "Annotate" function to crop the photo.

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