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edited image distorted


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Hi--I've encountered a bug a few times that I hope someone can help with. I have been scanning in magazine pages and sometimes I only want an article on part of the page. I right-click to open the image in windows photo gallery to crop it (and rotate, etc. if needed). It was discussed a bit here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/14258-resize-images-4103321/page__p__68773__hl__picture#entry68773 Usually I then close it and the new, cropped image goes into my note.

However, I just did that and it crashed twice. The third time, it worked, but the image is distorted. (picture attached). Any ideas?


PS--I just saved the image in my note as a jpeg and it WASN'T distorted. I thought maybe I needed to close EN and re-open it. It still looks distorted in the note. Now what is attached is a screen clip of what I'm seeing

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