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(Archived) BUG: Evernote shows bottom of note list (not top)

Tim Baker


Not sure if this is a bug or not but ever since the new Mac client update, whenever I start up Evernote with card view, it's starting at the very bottom of the list. I have to scroll up to the very top to see my latest note, but if I switch it to list view, it's opposite (newest notes on top.)

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If this is a bug, it's much bigger than you describe. I only use snippet view, and though I rarely start up Evernote (since I rarely shut it down), usually when I select a tag or notebook or perform a search, I'm taken to somewhere in the middle or the bottom of the note list. This has been happening since I started using Evernote (3.5.something or 3.6; I forget what version the Mac client was on last fall), so I've become resigned to the "fact" that "this is the way it is." But it's annoying, since it means manual scrolling up almost every time I regenerate the note list.

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Regardless if it's a bug of a feature, it's inconsistent. If the newest notes are on top in list view, it should be the same way in card view. At least I think so.

i agree. it happens sometimes, and usually i am in too much of a rush to stop and think through what is wrong. i'll try and pay more attention to when it occurs.

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No scroll bar available for the notebooks column on Evernote 3.1.1 version. Evernote opens up with bottom portion of Notebook column visible but unable to view beginning of the notebook list due to absent scroll bar on MAC OS 10.7.4

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