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(Archived) Encryption/Decryption issues between platforms

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PC Version (34980) (on windows XP SP3)

Mac Version 1.1.4b Beta (34532) ( OSX 10.5.5)

iPhone version 1.3.0 (35212) (firmware 2.1)

Having issues encrypting and decrypting notes when moving between platforms (with the versions I have at least)

1. the iPhone can not decrypt a note at all, regardless if it was encrypted on a Mac or a PC. It accepts the passphase ok, but doesn't show the decrypted text

2. Notes encrypted ON THE PC can NOT be decrypted on either the MAC OR iPhone versions. They can be decrypted just fine on the PC. So they can be encrypted/decrypted on the PC ok, but not inter-platform.

3. Notes encrypted ON THE MAC can be encrypted/decrypted on the Mac no problem. Notes encrypted on the Mac can also be decrypted on the PC. Can not be decrypted on the iPhone.

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Thanks for the report. We're tracking down a few problems in the Mac decryption code, which was also used on the iPhone. Basically, if the text that you encrypted includes certain special characters, the library may have a hard time processing the decrypted text.

We plan to fix this soon.


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Just an update that encryption/decryption between platforms is still not working.

PC version: (38413)

Mac Version: 1.1.5 (36338)

iPhone Version: 1.4.0 (38007)

1. Notes encrypted on Mac can be decrypted on all platforms, but PC version loses formatting with paragraphs

2. Notes encrypted on PC can be decrypted on iphone, not mac

So it's getting better, but its still not correct. I have to do all encrypting/decrypting entirely on the mac to ensure I can use my notes and they are readable on the other platforms.

btw, it would be real convenient to be able to select all notes and do a "decrypt permanently" so that I can export the notes in a decrypted version for backing up locally.

The more I use Evernote, the more I love it. Please just get all the security stuff fixed.

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just a note to say that it appears as of mac release Version 1.1.6 (38944) that this is fixed.


I'll be doing more testing, but I've been able to encrypt/decrypt notes on both the mac and XP versions and decrypt on the iphone regardless of which platform encrypted it.

Thanks again for fixing encryption!

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