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(Archived) Design of EN Week In Review Email

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Each week I get the below email from Evernote that is very hard to read:

  • Font is way too small on the lines listing the blogs released that week
  • The extremely large graphic "Week In Review" gets in the way of viewing the main content of the email
    • Size is way out of proportion of the other elements
    • Takes up too much space
    • Doesn't really add anything
    • Has no aesthetic appeal

Sorry to be blunt EN folks, but, IMO, it is very poor design layout.

Maybe you could tweak it a bit to make it more readable/usable, as well as be more pleasing to the eye.

Form should follow function: First make it easy to read, scan, and click the blogs released, then make it pretty/cute/cool/etc.

Here it is:


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