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(Archived) HOWTO: Comment on web pages


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I am having trouble figuring out how to do something that I feel certain that Evernote is capable of doing. If I take a web clip, or insert a picture--and I want to make a comment next to it, how do I do that?

I will try to find an example of what I want to do and post it here.

UPDATE: Okay--found an example of image of the general idea of what I am trying to do. When I take a snip from a webpage--I would like to highlight a part of it somehow and submit my comments next to it or even over it. Is there a way to do this in Evernote for Windows?

Thanks in advance!


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The web clippers provide for a comment to be added at the start of the clip.

None of the client editors support comments as comments. Anything added is just additional text in the note.

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There's a workaround if you don't mind a little complication.. and you need a PDF editor too. Import the web page or use a utility like Fireshot (for FF) to snaffle a copy of the page(s) you're interested in. Use the PDF features to add comments to the page. Save page to Evernote.

Depending on the size of the area you're interested in I imagine it might be possible to screengrab a JPG and use a paint application to add text, but I haven't tried that. The PDF solution works well for me.

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