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(Archived) Evernote for Android 4.0 Beta 4


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Hi All,

Here is a new update with various fixes and UI improvements. We should be now almost ready for a release on Google Play.

As usual, your feedback is very welcome. Please report any crash / major issue you may have and send your logs if that happens to you.

Here are the links to download:



Here is the list of all the main changes in 4.0:

- Places category groups your notes by city, state and country

- Unified notebook list displaying standard and shared notebooks

- Sliding tabs to navigate across the different categories in a swipe

- Quota and subscription status from the home screen account menu

- Home screen redesign and new navigation

- Action bar on notebook list, tag list, all notes and note view for quick access to more options

- Intuitive full screen mode switching when reading a note.

- Ice Cream Sandwich inspired look and feel and user experience

Thank you.

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hi. longtime lurker, first time beta tester. the app looks great! a much better use of space.


1) the "done" button covers up the skitch icon and whatever else is behind it when editing a note. i think i have the simeji keyboard running right now.

2) search inserts a wildcard. at least it shows you are doing this, but it would be best if you didn't automatically do this. unless, of course, you are moving towards quotation marks for exact and everything else wildcard. that's fine, but you'll want to update the website to reflect the change.

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Tapping on a note preview in the widget results in an error, "Note loading error. You may not access this note as it belongs to a different user."

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Tapping on a note preview in the widget results in an error, "Note loading error. You may not access this note as it belongs to a different user."

I am getting the message: "Couldn't retrieve notebook info."

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I've had a lot of trouble with this newest beta so far. It feels like there's something weird with the database or something. Nearly every time I open the app, it takes minutes for the notes list to refresh. Is this happening for anyone else?

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Yes, this beta is unusable for me. Notes take a very long time to load (minutes ) and searching takes a while too. Reverting back to the previous beta gives me the error that the database won't with with that version.


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This version works fine for me, didn't encounter loading error as mentioned above. However, the installation process had taken an unusually long time, quite possibly up to 3 minutes.

By the way, I didn't install the widget.

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Seems like there's a lot of unnecessary vertical space wasted. I can only see 4 notes at a time. it would be great if things could get squeezed together and get rid of some of the wasted white space (or preferably allow the user to set it).

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Tag names are unrecognisable due to size and limitations. Please do something about this. You can no longer have tag names which starts with the same letters...sc20120513215746.jpg

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Well done!

Just a couple of issues:

-cannot open notes from widget - shows all the notebooks instead of a specific note;

- when choosing place on the map - is it possible to add satellite view?

Thanks a lot, you are AMAZING!


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Hi xdelplanque (using your proper "name" although I thought Browncoat had that nice sort of espionage feel to it). Nevertheless, I hate to be a pest but your professional fans have been barking for 6 months or more about the tab key support or a tabbing feature in the note editor. I have been limping along but I was wondering if you had a time frame (ball park) on that feature being added. If it won't be soon I need to look elsewhere for a noting solution because it's killing me in meetings to keep up haphazardly. If you tell me it will be soon, I'll stick it out if for no other reason than continuity but I think your Android professional fans would be much obliged if you could add this feature sooner rather than later. I know it's a core code change, but if you added it, I hope you realize that you would have the most supreme note-taking application on the market, regardless of platform, and Android supports the business and professional markets much more so than the Apple App store.

P.S. I'm bummed about the video camera integration feature having been removed. It worked FLAWLESSLY on my Asus Transformer Prime and Droid Razr Maxx.

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Good that I played with it some more...

When taking a picture note - it suddenly took almost one minute, when I added the second picture (also waited a long time) and pressed "Done" - it closed but said "Note not changed"

When I opened the note again - the second picture was gone.

When I took it again (also took a long time) and pressed Done - the screen went black.

Since there was no sign of life - I restarted the phone

Is the slow reaction has to do with syncing problem?

I'd rather give up all the latest "very nice to have" features, but keep the syncing speed superfast - it's a must when notetaking

I'm sure you'll fix everything



PS Tried again after restart - works fast - as usual...

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@seanyaaron, unfortunately, I cannot provide ETA about features. The main reason is that priorities can move, and we don't want our users to be disappointed if something needs to be pushed back.

@mshparber, thanks for the feedback, we believe that the issue may be related to the indexation. That's maybe why it worked after restart. It should be fixed very soon. Happy to hear that you like the new style.

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I tried to take a quick voice note today and the the main app just locked up and never came back (I set it down for > an hour). It was on wifi on my office network so I know it had to have solid connection, and 3G was available. I had to STOP the program to use EN again. I'm not 100% if EN is the cause, but since I installed that B4 I've had to pull my battery 2-3 x / day. Normally I can go a several weeks or a month without having to do that. Also something (I have no way to tell if it's EN [anyone have tool to tell??]) appears to be stuck sucking off data. My phone gets hot and when I look at the battery history there's a straight line down at the same time...another battery pull. I haven't installed any other new software for weeks.

And...YES PLEASE on the indent/dedent (tab) ability from the Android client! :)

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Nice beta! On the whole very slick. I'm running it on both a phone and tablet, so I have some specific comments about each.


As already mentioned the list view needs to be more compact; if it doesn't display more notes per screen than the snippets view then it's not worth having.

Tablet (Nook Color)

On a 7" tablet, the grid view doesn't make effective use of screen real estate, especially with the "blocks" taken away to display the month etc. When I then go to the notebook selector I can only see 3 notes! I would really just like the option to give a snippets list like the phone (but, as above, with a plain list view mode as an option). I would be happy if EN defaulted to either phone/tablet display, but one could simply override this.

Also on the subject of real estate, I would prefer the tablet view to act as the new phone view and to automatically go full screen when scrolling - it's a neat trick on the phone, and would work well on the tablet also!

Looking forward to the next update!


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