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Evernote for High School Coaches


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I recently purchased an iPad 3, and I am thrilled at the possibilities to simplify my life as a high school, varsity, cheerleading coach. I do not teach, but I know that there are plenty of teachers who also coach and could benefit from my EN for Coaches tips- I hope!

INVENTORY- I recently cleaned out our school equipment lockers. It's my first year running the program, so I wasn't sure where to start. After sorting out all the uniforms and equipment, I realized we were missing some things. I decided to take a picture of each uniform, each set of signs, each set of different pom-poms, each set of warm ups and any other random equipment or supplies and upload them each to a seperate note in Evernote. Next to each picture in the note, I logged how many piecese or sets of each item we have.

KEEPING TRACK OF IMPORTANT FORMS- This one is a no-brainer, and a popular use of evernote. After collecting emergency medical forms from 30+ girls, I put them in alphabetical order and then scanned them as one document. I bookmarked each girl's form in Adobe, and then uploaded it into Evernote as a document. I have done the same thing for other important forms. This way I only have to carry around my iPad, instead of stacks of forms.

ATTENDANCE- First, I downloaded "Noteshelf", which is a handwriting app that is integrated with Evernote. Then I created my own notebook back ground (explained in the noteshelf app) with each of the girls' names in the first column, and "present", "tardy" and "absent" in the top row. Now I can easily start a new notebook for every event, take attendance, and send the note to Evernote. No more chance of lost pages out of a paper notebook.

FORMATIONS/ PLAYS- I also plan to use the handwriting app, Noteshelf, to keep track of all our different formations (other sports could use this to keep track of plays created on the spot). This app works best with a stylus pen. No more will I have to fumble through a large notebook to find a particular formation- I will simply do a quick search in Evernote, and it will pull up.

I would imagine I haven't even begun to tap into the possibilities. I would love to hear your ideas on how evernote can take the "office" duties out of coaching to allow more time to coach!

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That sounds great. I like the inventory idea a lot. You're probably the first person I've heard of who has a pom-pom inventory in their Evernote and I've read a lot of case studies.

My only hesitation would be storing students' personal information in the formal medical forms in Evernote — particularly on an iPad. Make sure it's as secure as it can be.

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Tardis, I agree about the security. I have a passcode lock on the iPad everytime it is unlocked. The idea came to my mind because we had an issue where we had some parent volunteers riding the bus to games last year in my place because I couldn't make it from work in time. It always made me nervous if they didn't have the emergency information with them, so I tried to think of a way that I could have it on me at all times in the event someone should need the info, or to share the notebook temporarily if someone is standing in my place (and they have access to evernote). In all honesty, if you think about it, it's probably safer on the iPad with a passlock than just lying in my supply bag which is often left alone while we're working on something. Good point to bring up!

And you're probably right. I most likely broke Evernote ground with the pom-pom inventory ;)

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