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(Archived) BUG: Can't add tags to old notes, tag autocomplete not working

David Chile


I have upgraded to the new mac version of evernote, however, I noticed that I cannot add to old content my previous tags. The previous tags are there on the sidebar, but if I want to edit a note (directly or using the "i") it won't add them or start the autocomplete as the previous version of evernote did.

The autocomplete doesn't work, but if I type the tag exactly as I have it (for example, with capitalization) it will not autocomplete, but it will recognize the tag. BUT, it then won't save that tag on the note and so I am back to square one again. Can't add tags to old notes.

Also on the list of tags that are on the sidebar, it show a number next to each tag that shows how many documents are tagged, however when I click the tag, nothing is shown!!! If I click on the tags filter (next to Hide, all notes, notebooks) and then search for the tag, it then shows the tag with its notes and NOW, I can click on the sidebar tag and have the notes show up, this is irritating since I have to do this for all my tags.

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