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REQUEST: Make it easier to create and edit hyperlinks (Windows)


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First, from the Windows User Guide:

[Ctrl + Click on a hyperlink] (or press) [Ctrl + Enter ] Open hyperlink under caret.

Ctrl + K Open "Add Hyperlink" dialog to create a new hyperlink from the selected text

Ctrl + Shift + K Open "Edit Hyperlink" dialog to edit the existing hyperlink under the caret

Ctrl + Shift + F9 Remove hyperlink

I find it's unnecessary to hold Ctrl down as simply left-clicking the hyperlink is enough to activate it. Also, Ctrl+Enter has no effect for me, even when the caret is within the hyperlink.

All that Ctrl+K and Ctrl+Shift+K do is add a URL to highlighted text to create/edit a hyperlink; they do not assist editing its title. Creating a hyperlink is tedious enough, but editing the title is worse. It's tricky editing the title of an existing hyperlink in EN without damaging the link itself.

Ctrl + Shift + F9 is a difficult shortcut to remember, awkward to implement, and only deletes the hyperlink as far as the caret, which is not made clear in the User Guide. Far easier to highlight the whole link and press Del. I suspect this is what most users do anyway.

Why not simplify things by having one shortcut key (Ctrl+K) for Create/Edit Hyperlink? If there's no existing hyperlink under the caret, open a dialog box with two fields, Title and URL, where one can paste in the respective values, then click OK. Same with editing a link; the box opens and one can freely edit the title or link without damaging the other. This also removes one submenu from the context menu.

Positioning the caret over an existing link and pressing Del, or maybe Ctrl+Del, should be sufficient to delete the whole link (with optional confirmation popup). I find dragging to highlight text tiring and error-prone. Where possible, positioning the caret over a finite area of text such as a word, sentence or link, should be sufficient to identify it to the application and appropriate actions taken.

Thank you for considering this suggestion.

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And don't be surprised to find if the Knowledge Base articles are out of date; the shortcuts article is known to have some errors,

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I have long thought that the edit hyperlink dialog should provide edit facility for both the title and the link.

That's pretty standard in the Apps I use.

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Agreed - I don't find it a major problem to deal with hyperlinks, but in the spirit of making life as easy as possible for users it should be less hassle to edit / delete them and Ctrl-K seems like the obvious gateway.

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