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(Archived) Access notes on Ipod Touch offline??

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The native iPhone/iPod application does not currently keep a copy of your entire account on the device. You can create new notes while you are offline, but you must be connected to a network to browse your account on the service.

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This is a huge disappointment, and probably a deal breaker. I thought I had found The Application for all my notetaking on my mac and my iPod touch. I was shocked that my notes weren't available when I was offline. That's the entire point of having the touch!

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Can't remember when it was introduced, but somewhere between the original question and your reply Evernote has introduced this ability, at least on the iPhone (I assume it's also on the Touch). They call it "Favorites", and it allows you to have offline access to notes that you've specifically selected.

Obviously, given the limited space on the iPhone, it makes no sense to automatically keep all your notes offline, so this makes a very good compromise.

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