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New evernote user


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Recently started using evernote after a long time of wondering exactly how it could benefit me. Well after about a week of playing around with it and adding notes etc, I quickly realised that this is the beast I needed to sort out my paper trail and also to possibly sort out my mums business in terms of organising her paperwork. So I went ahead a purchased the premium account today to give me maximum features. I also went ahead and bought a S1300 snapscan scanner as it had excellent reviews both here and elsewhere.

I've two initial questions.

1. I intend to chop up a few books and scan them into evernote as pds's. Is it easy to create pdf's in this way, so that I can then transfer them onto my sony ereader in a format that will be easily readable on the ereader?

2. The maximum file size for one single note is 50mb. How can one go about decreasing the file size when creating pdf's as ebooks? Also, is there any way of decreasing the size of already made pdf's? For instance I've a few books in pdf format already but then are 80 - 100mb in size and therefore I can't transfer into evernote.

I look forward to been part of this forum as its been a great source of help and info for me already.

Thanks in advance for any help ye can provide.

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1. "Scan to PDF" is one of the default choices for the ScanSnap software. I'm not familiar with the Sony Ereader, so I don't know what formats it uses. If you anticipate needing to convert to an etext format such as epub, txt, doc, etc, then you'll want to enable OCR when yous can - it will take longer to process, but will add an invisible text layer to your pdf that can be extracted and saved. (Okay, that's a little oversimplified, but you get the general idea.)

2. I don't know what platform you're using. If you're on a Mac, the default Preview app allows you to do a lot of things with PDFs: split & combine files; insert, delete, and rearrange pages; change various image formats to PDF and vice versa. For example, you could break your 100mb file into sections or chapters of less than 50mb each.

I've scanned a hundred or so books with my ScanSnap, for use in iBooks on my iPad, and it works like a dream. Just be careful with the occasional paper jam or overlapped pages. I always scan through the PDF before throwing away the paper pages: look to see that all pages are in order, facing the right direction, no duplicates, no missed pages. Once in a blue moon I have to scan a missing page and insert it into the PDF.

I don't keep many book-length documents in Evernote, but I've had no trouble with the few I do.

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Hi. There are several threads on this topic. Hopefully, they will help. Here is one of them.


In answer to your questions:

1. Yes. Especially if you have something like ScanSnap.


2. You can optimize and/or split up the files, depending on your software.


Good luck!

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