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(Archived) Russian in Play Store?

Nils Geylen

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Hi, I was trying to pay for an extension of my premium account via the Play Store (because I had had some addressing issues via web and credit card) but noticed the info was displayed in Russian.

I've been seeing Russian topics here, and doing a search I noticed there's more Russian around. Not an issue, but for renewing my premium over my Play and credit card account I would like to see what it is I'm actually paying for.

First time I did this, everything was still in English...


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Hi Nils, thanks for reporting this issue. Could I ask you in which country you are and if you get a similar issue with other apps?

Could you also open a customer support ticket so we can get the necessary info to investigate further:

from the app, go to settings, support, submit a ticket.


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Hi, I'm in Belgium. I haven't really experienced something exactly similar with other apps, but perhaps since it's a small country, geolocation and/or IP lookups do tend to vary wildly, e.g. I often get redirected to French language versions of websites.

I'll submit the ticket this a.m.


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Submitted this and got the reply that Evernote unfortunately has no control over the appearance or interface of the Play Store.

Any localization issues must be due to faulty geolocation.

Note: I find that a sad state of matters, where a publisher can't be sure their upgrade interface will appear as intended. People get scared away very quick, esp. when it happens in the transaction process.


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