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(Archived) Non alphabet characters in the title don't upload

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If I use non alphabetic characters in the 1st line of a mobile note (such as & or +) they do not upload for use in the desktop version.

For example if the 1st line (Title) of a note reads Research & Developement.

It reads Research Developement when I open it in the windows client.

Has anyone any ideas or a workaround?

Many thanks

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Which mobile interface are you using to create these notes? For example are you using the mobile web GUI through the web browser on your phone, or are you creating these with the native Windows Mobile or iPhone application?


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Sorry should have said which version.

It is Evernote for windows mobile (35065).

The text note is written on "New Note" > "Text Note". It is when the 1st line that becomes the title on the windows desktop client that it loses the non alphabet characters.

What I am trying to say is when Evernote (internet client or windows client) converts the 1st line of text to the title it loses the non alphabet characters.

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