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Sorry to hear that. Kinda doesn't work so hot for source code either. In general, for Evernote note content, I use indenting rather than tabs. I'd guess that in the importer, it might be possible to change it to convert tabs on input into indented sections (I seem to recall it's done using <div> sections internally to Evernote's format), but it'd be a lot tougher to do it for tabs internal to a line. Plus you'd need to tell it how big a tab is, in spaces.

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I haven't tried importing actual code into Evernote yet, but I can imagine what it would do to well-formatted C++. What I wanted, mainly, to do with Evernote was manage my big collection of random game design thoughts, notes, RPG campaign/characters/books (as well as recipes and the like, in a format that's accessable from the android table i'm expecting to get next month) that's currently sitting in a giant pile in my characters and campaigns folders in my Documents folder. I've got piles of characters from multiple systems I'd like to put into Evernote, but since their tab support, given their client architecture and work around slapped on. is laughably minimal, it's a real problem.

Something like the following is what I'm trying to pull in: (adjusted to look as close to the original as possible on the web-entry mangling of the copy & paste...imagine perfect alignment of the columns, OK?)

100 points kindred AP Magic Now

Strength: 15 x1 0 0 15

Dexterity: 15 x1 0 0 15

Speed: 12 x1 0 0 12

Constitution: 11 x1 0 0 11

Intelligence: 10 x1 1 0 11

Wizardry: 12 x1 0 0 12

Charisma: 15 x1 0 0 15

Luck: 10 x1 0 0 10

and so forth, which is readable. Once Evernote is done destroying my positional information, this is how this statblock looks now in Evernote, before being hand-rebuild using tables:

100 pointskindredAPMagicNow









If I hadn't been the person who wrote the original document, and had it at hand to refer to to figure out what went where, this would be a lost cause. As is, converting this to a table takes a good ten minutes or so, and is risking data corruption because I can't just copy/paste or import the whole block. If I came upon this in the field on my theoretical android device without the benefit of the unmodified original sitting on my hard drive, I'd be absolutely lost.

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