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(Archived) HOWTO: Create link between a document on a disk and a note




I have spent some time trying to find the answer to this question, but with no success : i don't know how to create a hyperlink in a note, enabling me have a link with a heavy document (pdf file of more than 50Mo, or vidéo).

Thanks for your help !


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Hmm. I tried creating an alias to a video file and dragging the alias into Evernote. The video itself just ended up in Evernote.

... Meaning the video was less than 50Mo. What about vidéos of more than 50Mo ? What do you do then ?

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Please remember that I'm a fenestration specialist not a Macwrangler . . .

In my ignorance my first impression was that you are in the bug business. :P

However, after a little research I find that you are in the "blind arcade" business:

an ornamental motif having the form of a blind arcade or arch, as in medieval cabinetwork.

Oh yes, blind arcade, that's the Windows business, right? :ph34r:

Just kidding. Couldn't resist your arcane reference to Windows. ;)

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