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(Archived) REQUEST: Replace recurrent term in titles or notes



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A feature that Replace recurrent term in titles or notes.

Hi. I am not sure what you are requesting. Are you asking for a feature that will search and replace terms that appear more than once in your note titles? If so, to what end?

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I asked for a feature to replace terms (or erase : same by replace with nothing) that appear in titles of one or many notes.

I often made lots of web-capture of some technicals forums, and i'am guetting titles starting with same sentence. I want to get shorter and more significant titles.

And sometimes also i want to replace same terms or sentences in several notes. Like the feature in any text editor :"search and replace".

Now i manually erase recurent terms i don't want. But it's time consuming.

I think that computing is an help for this repeating tasks...

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