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HOWTO: Merge two accounts

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hi. welcome to the forums!

the community chat is for an event we had last month. you'll want to post a separate thread for your problem.

as for solving the problem on your own, you can contact customer support, share the notebooks from one account with the other, or export/import them.

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There's probably more detailed information elsewhere in the forum, but in summary here's what you would do in the Windows client:

  1. Log in to the account you wish to make redundant
  2. Go to 'All Notes' view and select the entire list (click on the list of notes) and press [CTRL]-A. Obviously you can highlight a subset of the notes by doing an appropriate search, or exporting a separate file per notebook, etc.
  3. Select File/Export...
  4. Choose the first option, 'Export as a file in ENEX format'
  5. Click on the Options button if you want to vary what is exported along with the note
  6. Click Export... and save the file somewhere you can find it again!
  7. Sign out and sign back in to your other, preferred, account
  8. Select File/Import.../Evernote Export files and select the file you exported
  9. If you click 'Yes' to the dialog that appears, notes will be put into a new notebook called 'Imported Notes' that will be synced. Otherwise the new notebook will be a local notebook only.
  10. Move the notes from either import location to the notebook desired.
  11. Delete the imported notebook.

Hopefully the procedure is similar with the Mac client, but I can't help with that!

Good luck and repost if you have any issues!

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The method described above will not work with the Web client.

While it is possible to export notes one at a time from the web client for premium users (Info->View History->Export), there is no way to export all your notes at the same time.

Your best bet is to either download one of the Desktop clients, or find another method for merging your accounts (for example, in your smaller account, move all your notes into a single notebook and then share that notebook with your other account)

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