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(Archived) REQUEST: Ability to hide images



Hello. I'm new to Evernote and searched the forums for this topic without success.

Is there a way to make images (.jpg, .png, etc) not appear fully displayed when you click on the note? I have some saved images that are NSFW and I really don't want them displaying in large size when I do a search.

I know that with pdf files you can elect to view as an attachment, and so I was wondering if there was something similar for image files.

Thank you for your help.

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Someone here pointed out to me that if you change the extension of a picture file, Evernote stores it as an icon; but most image handling software is smart enough to work out the format and display it properly despite the obfuscated name. I tend to change JPG to GPJ and PNG to GNP (ie reversing the name) so I can get the name back together if I need to. Needless to say there's no OCR of the contents, so you need to add keywords or name the note appropriately.

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