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(Archived) HOWTO: Integrated photo booth [ANSWERED]



The use case that motivates this request is this: I take pictures of my face many times a week and store them under a folder/tag. Just to keep track of my looks and whatnot. It would be really cool if going to a photo booth interface was an option on the desktop client. Probably easier to implement on the Mac than on the PC, but I use photo booth apps in both.

Put another way: laptops have cameras, just like phones do. The phone clients take pictures, let us take pictures with the desktop clients as well.

Just putting it out there.

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Yes, Evernote has - so far without any convincing reasoning - made those buttons a little difficult to find on the Mac client. You now have to open a note and then capture audio and photos. Unless you use the menu (Files) and choose "Create iSight-note" or "Create audio-note". No keyboard shortcuts unlike the Windows-version. It is to be hoped that posts like yours will speed up a correction.

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