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(Archived) Please clarify security question.

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I am confused about whether I can have notes with personal information like bank accounts, passwords, etc., safely with encryption, or whether I need the Premium option for that. I have a PC, Mac and Iphone. It looks like I CAN use the free service for this purpose. Is that correct? For what would one want to use the SSL aspect of the Premium service? Thanks!

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You can select some text (like passwords) in either desktop client and then right-click to Encrypt it with a passphrase. Then this text can only be decrypted on a desktop computer by someone who knows the same passphrase. This capability is included for both Free and Premium accounts.

SSL is just used to encrypt data while it is traveling over the Internet. This would potentially provide protection against someone on your local network "sniffing" the contents of your messages as you sync.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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