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(Archived) Encrypt text option appears to be somewhat quirky


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A few weeks ago I encrypted all the text on one of my notes in EN. At the time I chose a password and observed the note disappeared and was replaced by an ecrypt icon. It seemed to work well and I was prompted to put in the password to see the contents of the note. However, I am now noticing that I can simply double click on the icon (without putting in any password) and the note appears again. I tried synching the program, closing it down and re-opening it and am still not being prompted for a password. Finally, I realized that I had to formally exit the program (File-Exit or Ctrl-Q) for the encryption to work properly. When I formally exit the program and then open it again, I see that the note is indeed encrypted and prompts me for the password if I want to open it. However, when I exit the program in this way I also get a warning that "Exiting the program will disable all clipping functionality in Evernote". This, however, does not seem to be the case because even if I exit in this way I find that I am still able to clip anything I want. I find it all a little confusing.

Incidentally, I have encrypted all of my sensitive pdf files within EN through Acrobat. This works very well and I am always prompted for a password to open these no matter how I open or close EN. Outside of EN I use Lastpass for all my website passwords. I am considering converting my sensitive note within EN into a pdf file and encrypting it via Acrobat. The only downside is that I constantly add to it and it would be too cumbersome to do that via pdf.

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i cannot speak for windows, but in mac there is a checkbox asking i you want to remember the password. unchexk that and you should be fine.

Thanks GM,

That solved the problem entirely. I wasn't aware that that box was checked. It certainly reduces the security considerably to have your password "remembered". I think that Lastpass also gives you the option to have your master password remembered (mine is GrumpyMonkey), but it warns you that this option markedly decreases the safety level.

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Having a similar issue. How do I get back to the password? Currently if I highlight text and right click, select the encrypt option, the lock graphic comes up. If I double click on it, it opens. I'm no being asked to enter the password when I encrypt something new.

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Having the same problem, but getting an idea from another thread, I exited Evernote via the File>Exit and when restarting Evernote, the note can be encrypted with a password. However, if you simply close Evernote using the close cross (top right of window), it seems Evernote does not completely shut down, and so if you open Evernote again, the note that was encrypted and left open is visible as plain as day.

To close and encrypt your notes, it seems that you have to exit Evernote using the File menu. Trap for young players!

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