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(Archived) DOCUMENTATION: Better Comparison between Clearly and Clipper


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Evernote released a detailed report about the Chrome Clipper last month


I was under the impression that Clearly was going to be the flagship for Evernote clipping, but there sure seems to be a lot of stuff with the new Clipper.

I'd like to see some sort of head-to-head comparison between the Chrome Clipper and Clearly.

When should I use clipper?

When should I use Clearly?

What are the pros and cons?

Are both needed? Why not settle on just one version?


A confused user

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As I see it Clearly is primarily focused on giving you a great reading experience.

It gives you a nice clean page with only the article of interest.

You can set the font size most comfortable for you.

The Clippers (Chrome, FF, Safari, IE) are, of course, primarily focused on clipping, and offer you a number of options as to how the page is clipped.

Often, I find that the text/images that Clearly has selected for reading do NOT include everything I would like clipped.

The thing it most consistently leaves off is the article by line, which includes the date published.

I use Clearly when the page as published is hard to read (font to small, too much garbage, etc)

After I read the article with Clearly, I may, or may not, clip the article from Clearly.

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I gave the Clipper some tests and it has some potential.

But for clipping actual content and eliminating non-relevant links, I am going to stay with Clearly.

Subject: U.S. abandons consulate site in Afghanistan

Chrome Clipper results included non-relevant subject matter: Japan's reactor, China's deal on Chen, and free speech in Tunisia.


Clearly results includes photo, but missing map


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JB, one difference in technique that I see is that when using any of the Clippers, I almost always select the specific block I want to clip, then click on the clipper button.

In most cases this allows me to clip only the info of interest, and exclude the garbage on the page.

Clearly does a much better job of identifying the specific article without any help from me.

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You can expect the article selection functions in Clearly and the Clippers to gradually converge. The functions started from different code bases.

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You can expect the article selection functions in Clearly and the Clippers to gradually converge. The functions started from different code bases.

Well I hope this doesn't mean that the options for clipping get narrowed down to just one that someone at Evernote things is best for all of us.

There are to many different uses and different web sites to have one size clipper fits all.

I really like having the FF Clipper options:

  • Simple, without any styles
  • Preserve style for text only
  • Preserve all styles

In fact, I wish I could make this choice at the time of clipping, when the popup window appears.

Different web sites work best with different options.

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