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(Archived) Downtime?

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I finally got around to giving evernote a try after having it d/l on my desktop and iphone for well over 2 months. I entered a few notes into my phone last night and they synced right away. This morning, I planned to add a lot more on the desktop side to test things out there. I attempted to sync from the desktop side at 8am only to find the service is down for "maintenance". It's now 4 hours later, the site still says it's doing maintenance and the notes I entered on my phone are still in limbo. Nothing is accessible on my phone either, of course. Is this typical downtime for this app? If so, it's unacceptable. I was going to create a shopping list to take with me today to test the todo list feature, but if mobile service is down, I guess that won't happen. I read so much hype about this that I was very excited to finally try it, but so far I am disappointed. :?

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A major power distribution unit (PDU) at our data center failed twice yesterday, cutting power to our server cage. The provider replaced that PDU early this morning, but we're still bringing one part of our service back online. This means that the service is unavailable for approximately 25% of accounts. We estimate that this will be back online in approximately one hour.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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