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(Archived) Android client changes font family


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When I change a note from the Android client, the font family reverts to Times New Roman when I view the note from the web client. Is this fixed in the new version of the Android client?

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I created a note on my Android. Some plain text, some boldface, some italics. A simple list, and a checkbox.

I synced the note to the cloud.

I examined the note in the Web client. The note text uses the default Evernote typeface. I tested this by going into my browser settings (it's Chrome) and changing the default typeface used; the note display's font changed as well.

I examined the note in the Windows client. The note text uses the default Evernote typeface (you test this by changing the default note typeface: if the displayed typeface changes, it's the default).

I exported the note to .ENEX format, and examined the output. There is no font selector used in the note, all of the text uses the default font.

I conclude that the Android client just creates notes with text that does not specify typeface, that is, it's up to the default settings of the particular client to determine what that default is. I don't think that there is anything to fix.

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Try this:

  1. Create a new note in the web client.
  2. Select all the text and change the Font Family to Verdana. Save the note.
  3. Edit the note on the Android client by adding a character.
  4. Refresh the note on the web client.
  5. The text is now changed to Times New Roman.

My suggestion is that functionally on the Android client shouldn't "change" the font for the document in this way. The font should appear the same on the web client and the Android client shouldn't change any properties that it doesn't support. I can understand why it works this way technically, but suggest that the behavior change. I hate Times New Roman :).

Thanks Jeff for looking at this.

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Pretty clear scenario, thanks.

OK, so I see what's happening: editing on the Android doesn't change the font, but what it does do is strip the font styles from the note. In the original, I see:

<div><span style="font-family: verdana, geneva;">This is my new note, created in the Web client</span></div>

In the edited note, I see:

<div>This is my new note, created in the Web client</div>

It's not changing the font to Times New Roman, that's just the default for your web browser when there's no explicit style set.

I got the underlying code by exporting the notes to .ENEX format, and loading the result into a text editor.

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