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(Archived) Evernote tutorials on YouTube

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Hi All,

Whilst checking out 'Evernote For Dummies' I found this guy who has a few tutorials on you tube.

Don't know if they are any good, but seemed wrong not to share them:

Still bought the 'Dummies' book of course.

Best regards


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Oh my!

I have just been watching these and I am sorry but it's like watching paint dry!

It takes so long to get to the point. Aaargh!

Well hopefully someone will benefit from them.

Do click at the top of the page where it shows more videos as he has some more recent ones.



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I watched part of the one demoing how to use tags. The quality of the screencast was very good. But the quality of the presenter wasn't quite in the professional realm. But it still may benefit some people.

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And of course, since the one I watched was over a year & a half old, they may obsolete in at least a few aspects. That's probably why EN doesn't invest much time in screencasts. Keeping up with a moving target can be difficult.

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