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(Archived) REQUEST: Easier way to copy note location



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You can probably copy and paste the coordinates, but I think it would be a laborious process, since you'd have to copy latitude and longitude separately and constantly use the info popover. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see this.

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Exactly, it's a lot f work to copy location info this way.

so in iphoto, i can click on a photo and select 'copy', then i can click on another photo and select 'paste location' and it's done.

i'd like to have the same solution in evernote.

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well, this is yet another reason not to use apple's gear :P (no please, do't hit, I am just teasing ...)

here is how it shows with the window interface.


you can copy / paste both coordinate at once...

but still, I agree it is tedious, the feature request is very welcome, but in the meantime ...

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