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(Archived) Ink Natively on Ipad within Evernote...



I have worked with Tablets and used them for over 10 years.. I enjoyed OneNote and the inking ability from meetings versus the chatter of a keyboard. I'm very surprised that Evernote hasn't removed the middleware of inking natively within Evernote. This is a major gap and causes most users to use PenUltimate, Awesome Note, or any other suite of apps that are out there... While I understand that a mere change in their offering could canibalize the ink software apps.. the feature is very overdue...

I used ritepen instead of the windows input panel and it was solid... but MSFT had an edge..

I use Awesome note but Evernote has the edge..

I hope that Evernote will see this opportunity and capitalize on it and include ink in Evernote natively... otherwise I and many others will continue to struggle with managing the middleware solution and just deal with the gap..

Thank you for your support and for including inking on the next update!

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I agree. This would be an excellent feature. The ability to ink within Evernote would really contribute to the GTD philosophy. Using a separate app for inking and then correlating this info does nothing for my workflow.

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I thought Evernote was finally going to allow me to leave my moleskin notebook at home until I found out I could not easily add a quick sketch into a note.

How can a company with a mature app (many versions, upgrades, additions, aquisitions, etc) that is focused on creating and syncing "Virtual Notebooks" not let you sketch on a page? It completely boggles my mind and has thrown me back to square one on finding a system for keeping my notes, sketches, and tasks synchronized across an iPad, Android Phone, and 3 computers.

It is very frustrating... EN was SOOOO close.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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