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HOWTO: Search Evernote desktop app from Launchbar

Mark Robinson


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Just tried to find out the same thing a by trial and error came to this solution - add this to your search templates:



I'm tweaking my @LaunchBar at the moment. Here's a nice "find": Add "evernote://search/*" to search your local @evernote library.

— Patrick Welker (@_patrickwelker)

May 9, 2012

For all others that wonder about how to search the web version:


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pattulus, thanks. So I did that and what happens when I launch that search is evernote is made the frontmost, active app, my search term is put into the evernote search field, and nothing happens. I don't get any results displayed from that search. If I hit enter, still nothing happens. If I delete the last letter of the search and re-enter it, then the search functionality "activates".  So I'm not seeing Launchbar abel to actually initiate a search in Evernote, and from the googling I've done, that seems to be pretty much everyone's experience.  Does yours actually initiate the search?


At this point, what I've done is created a simple macro in Keyboard Maestro that makes Evernote the active application and invokes the hotkey to initiate a search.   that works well. Would really like to get Launchbar and Evernote playing well together, but at this point that does not seem possible.

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