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REQUEST: Mind Mapping




Evernote is a very good tool for me and I use it daily to gather my thoughts and ideas.

While listing a few items today, it occurred to me that a MindMap tool or editor would be the perfect addition to evernote. structured lists could be derived from it and vice versa.

Any chance of getting something like this?



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30 minutes ago, ghostin said:

A native mind map tool would be amazing with Evernote. Being able to create a mind map, and have it in a note with text around it would be amazing.

My mind map tool is FreePlane and the files are stored in Evernote as attachment files
I can also include screenshots701007959_ScreenShot2019-11-27at12_40_50PM.png.a6e196a5b98f2316740e77b2d81db594.png

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