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HOWTO: Rotate PDF in a note

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Click on the body of the note.


Click on the "annotate" symbol  @


Click on the "additional tools" symbol in the upper right corner.  (three stacked horizontal lines with a down arrow)


The drop down menus gives you the option to rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise.


- OR -


when you are in "annotation" mode,


COMMAND-R will rotate the image clockwise.


SHIFT-COMMAND-R will rotate the image counter-clockwise.

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On 29.4.2012 at 9:26 PM, Metrodon said:

Right click and open in Preview - rotate and then save. Close Preview, voila.

Hello, I use the windows version 6.1.2 - I can´t found this funktion to rotate the pdf attachment. my pdf documents in horizontal sheet format are always displayed as vertical sheet format, which is not good, can you give me more information....? Thank you very much 

pdf_right mouse button.png

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