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(Archived) REQUEST: Tabs

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It would be a nice feature if Evernote would allow multiple tabs within the same program. For example to have two or more accounts open simultaneously or two or more instances of the same account. I very often work in a way where I have some advanced filter in use, and then need to search for a particular note. Would be nice to do that research in another tab, and then go back to tab 1 and continue.

Likewise I have several clients now using Evernote. As the shared noteboook facilities are so bad and unproductive (even if all are Premium users), we tend to login directly into the respective accounts. But this also is fra from ideal as you contantly have to switch back and forth between accounts.

Shouldn' t be anything that touches the database structure at all.

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i could see having this for users like me, who tend to work on a handful of notes at once. currently, you have to open all of them in separate windows. it works, and i am fine with it, but tabs would be nice.

i do wish shared otebooks had more functionality as well. i have recently begun using them more and more, and find that they have a lot of potential, even for people who don't do collaborative work much.

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yeah, but that's just what I want to see implemented, that's all.

This doesn't necessarily mean that I expect anything to be implemented any time soon, I'm just providing some feedback

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